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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by stslawncare, Jun 20, 2001.

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    hey, got a question. what would u say best process and materials would be to wash ur equipment, as in trimmers, blowers, and mowers. what things should i watch for. what is the best method and soap? or do u just rinse? i have the time and want to keep the stuff looking clean for i feel it helps keep the pro look. also i think it makes the stuff last longer.also paingint my equip, esp my mower and tractor. mower is three years old 22" self propelled 6.5 highwheel craftsman. it has had a lot of hard use and is used alot. not the worst looking, still looks good actually, but not like new. my tractor is 22 years old 16 hp craftsman. it was used for five years when previous owners first bought it new, then sat mostly till about 2 years ago when i bought it. it sat in a maintenance garage, had paint dripped on it, was neglected except for every once in a great moon. it definitly needs a paint job. what color would look best? whats the process, ive never done this before. i have time and think cost would be little.
  2. stslawncare

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    well isnt anyone going to help?
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    Don't waste your money on paint, buy new commercial equipment if you want to go at this seriously.
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    Well for washing i use Castrol super clean (when i washLOL!)as far as paint .......hate to paint .
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    well i definitly want to go with commercial equipment, but my mower will have to last me a year or two, cuase the next few investments will be a trailer (next couple weeks) a walkbehind (hopefully soon to) then a truck. thats what ATLEAST $3000. even if i get a new push mower next year i want to paint mine. as for the tractor. i wont be using that much for commercial purposes. probably just landscape jobs, but also for snow plowing. even if i dont use it for that i want to paint it and will keep it at the farm. it just looks hidious.
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    For cleaning, buy a book about automotive detailing. They are about $20. It is very informational about how to clean cars and trucks and most of what is there can be applied to lawn equipment.

    For painting, you will never get a good paint job from a can. You need compressed air and a spray gun. Again, I would recommend something like a "Hot Rod" magazines "How to Paint" editions. They are full of helpful info.

    Good Luck & remember to take "Before and After" photo's!
  7. 75

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    I'm not an LCO, so I'm speaking in general terms here, but as far as washing goes the basic bucket/dish soap/water and a sponge works fine for the normal dirt & dust. For degreasing, see what your local NAPA outlet has in the way of "engine shampoo" or similar.

    I posted in the Welding & Fabricating forum recently about how a coat of paint makes a metal fab project look a LOT better, so I don't see anything wrong with wanting to paint your equipment. Just how you go about it depends on a few things:

    How much dis-assembly do you want to get into? The best way would be to take things apart & paint the individual components, then re-assemble. L-o-t of work & probably too much trouble.

    Spray or brush? In either case, you will have to mask off whatever you don't want painted.

    How dirty/rusty/peeling paint is the equipment now? That's all going to have to be cleaned up prior to painting or the paint won't look too good & won't stick either!

    Colour choice is up to you, but unless you are going to repaint EVERY square inch you're best off finding the closest match you can to what's on there already.

    I'd advise unbolting whatever you can remove fairly easily. Then, do a thorough cleanup job, using degreaser on any oil/grease/etc deposits and a wire brush to remove rust/peeling paint. Then mask as required and give everything a good coat of red oxide primer. Once that's dried, apply your finish paint. Remember it may take a couple of coats to get full coverage, so if it looks like the paint's going on a little "thin" resist the urge to pile more on right away. (Voice of experience there - wait 'till the 1'st coat dries!)

    Well, there's some ideas anyway - good luck with the paintin'!

    Hey Mark - no fair! I was typing away & you went ahead and "posted" in front of me! ;) Good idea with the detailing handbook. I agree you'll never get a show car finish out of a spray can, but for a lot of shop equipment & things like my snowplow I've found the brush/spray can works fine. That said, I'm NOT painting my truck that way when it comes due again..................
  8. stslawncare

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    now this is what i call good advice!!!! my moms bf use to detail cars, so he knows a lot about that cleaning stuff but i might go ahead and buy a book anyway. as far as the tractor goes im taking off the hood most likely, thats bulk of the painting, rest i dont think really comes off so ill tape around it all. mower is pretty much the same i will take off handle bar, but i think thats about it. how do i get that nice bright and shiny effect? what type of paint should i use?
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    Dont use dish soap on your painted surfaces of your equipment. Use a good automotive car wash.
  10. KirbysLawn

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    Try this stuff:

    I've used the purple stuff, Castrol, and several others. A few weeks ago they were giving out samples at BJ's warehouse, got a couple bottles since I had heard John Boy & Billy talking about it. WOW, the best cleaner I have ever seen, try it!


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