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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by PSUhardscaper, Jan 28, 2014.

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    I had the arms pulled off of my T-200 to be rewelded. They were a mess, with cracks in the steel and lots of rust. I gave the shop some POR to put over the rust. I asked them to just knock off the surface rust with a wire wheel, and roll the POR on. I gave them two spray cans of Bobcat white spray paint. The repair has held up great for 2 years. The arms take a lot of abrasion from trees, brush and logs. It looked great when they were done, and still looks good. The repair shop was a welding and hydraulic shop that originally didn't want to do the painting, since they weren't equipped for sandblasting or painting. I would have done it, but it made so much more sense to paint the arms while they were off the machine.
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    RJ that looks awesome. I'd love to know more details on how you prepped, primed and types of paint used. I've got a mustang that could really use the same paint job. Any/all advice is appreciated - feel free to send me a PM.

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    Prepped with a power wash, then a wire cup wheel etc on a 4" grinder, power washed again, then wiped down with degreaser/cleaner like alcohol that wont leave residue. Sprayed a primer, cant remember if it was rustoleum or from the auto paint place. I went to albert kemperle and they color matched the paint. Its EXPENSIVE but cheaper than from the dealer.

    I also sprayed it with a clear.

    The paint is showing wear and a few chips and scratches but i realize i did the paint a few years Go and these things live a hard life. Up next is my trailer thrn my dump truck box
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    have it sand blasted then either powder coated or electric static painted. Both of these types are very strong types of painting.

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