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painting my trailer


LawnSite Gold Member
stanfield nc
I dont know how much painting you have done
but 90percent of it is preparing surface.
Not enough room here but read up.
Then i would recommend rustoleum for
a quicky job.


LawnSite Senior Member
If you guys are gonna go to all that work to paint them you should do it right or not even bother.Home Depot selld nothing but crap that they spec out go to a place that sells the good truck or equipment paint you might spend a couple of dollars more but you will never have to be painting it more offen from the rust coming thru and sand blast your surface gets the rust out better.


LawnSite Senior Member
Central Florida
First you will want to wipe the trailer down with a quailty wax and grease remover to get all the oil and other chemicals off. Then sand the trailer down with 180 or 220 grit sand paper. You could use a self etching primer but unless you have a lot of bare metal it is a waste of money. A primer of like that is used when something is bare metal to inhibit rust from forming it is expensive, and I do not reccomend it. There is another primer that fills in scratches so if you don't have a lot of scratches don't use it either it cost around 100 dollars a gallon. If you want to put something on the trailer before you paint it I would suggest putting on a primer-sealer. Then go ahead and paint the trailer. I would suggest you go to an automotive paint store and get a good automotive single stage paint. NAPA also sells good paint if you have nowhere else to go. A decent paint can be bought for around 100-150 dollars a gallon. You can buy better paint but I don't reccomend it for a trailer considering it can run almost 400 dollars a gallon. Hope this helps out.