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pallets for firewood?

Discussion in 'Firewood' started by Guest, Oct 28, 2008.

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    I got in trouble in San Diego, CA but the SDPD for burning pallets. There reason was that the pallets are injected with chemicals something similar to pressure treated wood.

    Well anyways it would make sense to water proof them and what not.

    I just thought it was because they didn't want the nails in the pit.

    Not sure if this is true or not.

    Hope it helps
  2. Guest

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    Well i think the problem was too many good looking chicks, from the two woman officers who stopped us...

    It makes logical sense to what you said...they did not look like PT wood and I even brought that up to the cops, i think it just pissed them off even more.

    Why do you guys go through so many?
  3. Guest

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    A lot of uses to them.

    The most practical answer to why we would have not been allowed to burn them is the nails and haveing the nails be in the bit and a kid play in there a few days later and get pricked.

    They do make a mean bonfire though.

    Have read of people getting hurt mainly from being stupid.
    Ex. Stacking up 10 plus pallets and putting in over 50 full rolls of toilet paper through out the pallets then drench it all in gas including all the paper and light it up...then have your open gas can a few feet away and everything goes up.

    You have to be smart.

    I still burn them from time to time, they are huge down in the desert to burn.
  4. Guest

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    No Joke.

    It is some thing funny to laugh about now but I have to say from across the lagoon type inlet of a couple hundred feet watching people on fire is not so funny.

    Just amazes me the stupidity and I know I have to include my self to some respect in this mess as I have done some pretty stupid things.
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    Great Point.

    My bad then, I did forget he was a part time fire fighter.

    That is a very honorable thing though, and awesome.

    Thank you for clairfying, hard to tell over text sometimes.
  6. Guest

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    No worries.

    Hey you are putting your time in either way.

    how did you get started with that?
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    Most of the woods used i beleive are oak , pine and poplar. Only concern i'd have would be all the Hardware. Maybe the Nails. I would not use any that had paint or looked coated.
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    When I was a kid my dad worked for a printing company.
    He would bring home pile of old pallets that wouldnt hold up for shipping anymore.
    We heated our house for years that way and always worked fine.

    I still use some pallets here at my house now.
    I will not however burn the pallets that my fert came on.
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    ive been burning pallets for a long time just for fun/entertainment. They make great bon fires if you put 5-10 of them together. I think they are safe to burn. I have never smelled anything toxic or anything like that. I think these pallet companys just make them out of whatever they can find. Ive never seen a pressure treated pallet. The only drawback to burning them in a burner is all the nails and metal brackets they use.
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    there use to be a company in hanson MA that did that. The old guy doesnt do it any more but hes got thousands of pallets left over that we have permission to take and burn. Hes in the process now of chipping them all up. :(

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