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pallets for firewood?

Discussion in 'Firewood' started by Guest, Oct 28, 2008.

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    I dont think Flying was trying to be mean or be entertainted by people on fire. I think he was kidding. He is a fire fighter dont forget.
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    I know there are many people that recycle these pallets. Some of the major businesses that ship out freight on pallets charge you for the pallet. I've seen them for add $15-35 addition surcharge cost to cover the of the pallet. So instead of burning them try to recycle them and you might find the right company to purchase them from you.
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    Depending on your area, pallet recycling can be a big business. The standard 40X48 pallets have value, if they can be repaired. They are most often made of hardwood.

    Your odd shaped pallets, shipping crates and the like are made out of whatever is available to the shipper. I deliver a lot of my "junk" wood to a company that makes pallets and wooden crates for apples and pears.

    Hardwood pallets are great for burning if you can deal with the metal. I know people that put them in their woodstoves and outdoor wood boilers. A magnet easily removes the nails, if you're so inclined.

    A destroyed pallet has another valuable use if you can get them in bulk--mulch. Pallets make great colored mulch. Most companies that make these use either a tub grinder or horizontal grinder. A magnetic separator removes the metal and you have a premium finished product, over $40 a yard here.


    A good example is the little horizontal grinder in the above link. Click on the video to see it devour pallets.

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