Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by newbieponder, Mar 30, 2006.

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    I think a pallet fence sounds nice. I also think a boat trailer with plywood sides and a pick up truck cap on it make a great tow behind camper. you guys are snobs. I gotta go eat some moon pies and coke.
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    I am still lmao!

    This has got to be the best post I have seen on here to date.

    Who builds a fence out of pallets? Just go buy some rough cedar and stick build it.

    Yeah that wood can be highly desireable, ground up and died red for that hiteous red mulch that all of the old people er... my clients... around here want..

    But Uniscaper that is some funny Shtuff.:laugh:
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    :hammerhead: ....;) .....:laugh: ....:dizzy: ....:laughing: ...:eek: ...I think thats enough on the pallet fence!!
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    Wow, gettin' a little chilly around here. Dude asks a perfectly legit question about pallets for a fence and you guys cut him off at the knees and throw 'im under the bus.:hammerhead: It's not like he asked where he could get some broken concrete to make a retaining wall out of... wait a minute, never mind....:dancing:
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    Why stop at a fence, this guy built a shed!

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    I agree with Cedar, you all are a bunch of snobs!!!! I asked a perfectly valid question and most of the comments are BS. I thought this was supposed to be a helpful board to post on? As for the pictures (however cute they were and yes I did get a laugh out of them), you people don't have any idea what the *&$@ the fence is supposed to look like, what my plans are. The fence that I am talking about is a heck of a lot better built than those privacy fencing panels you buy at most home improvement or fencing places (outside of vinyl or metal of course). Open your boring little minds a little and you might actually learn from those out there that have IDEAS and are creative.
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    Hey nice.Reason I said what I said is because I have seen them..and they are just butt ugly.

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