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Palm Bay/Melbourne FLA area

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Moving their soon and one question lingers on my mind...When does the season wrap up? I've been to FLA dozens of times but not during the winter months(November-March)... People are telling me once November rolls around only the "stupid" customers hang onto contracts...Seeing that I'll basically be starting a month before the beginning of winter,I'm worried... I need grass damnit!!... Just fill me in on the competition and how good stuff grows during the winter months..any info would be helpful
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and if it's a bad time to get started for myself..Anybody have any use for a guy with a truck,trailer,blower,edger,42" walk behind and a helluva work ethic? LOL
It will be slow when you get here. My suggestion would be to build up your advertising material. That is what I will be doing also. Mowing is down to 1-2 times a month from Nov-Mar. Get ready to gear up for the mulch jobs and spring planting. Good luck, hope to see you around.

Yeah I planned on the mowing being a little slow,obviously,so I have a few tricks up my sleeve...No way I'll be lowballing but I will be adding a lot of services to monthly packages,those who take advantage of them in the winter months will still have them in the spring months without paying more...SO yeah hopefully I'll snag some people ...Hope to see ya around too ;)
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