Palm thorn Synovitis

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by South Florida Lawns, Nov 14, 2010.

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    Caused by Date Palm thorns. This is some real stuff to be aware of, my friend has it and is in terrible pain but got his from a Sago.

    I'm always getting stabbed through leather gloves and the pain is so intense at times depending on the palm.

    Gotta love Florida eh
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    I stopped trimming them by hand because of the pain I would receive trimming them from the multiple pricks I would suffer. I also had several instances where people had let them go for so long that the leaves and thorns were so sick, I was worried about them poking other parts of my body.
    I noticed that my hands would sometimes swell slightly and hurt like hell the next day. I eventually just went to using my hedge trimmer to take off the branches, then using two rakes to remove them. Might not be the best cultural practice - but not having swollen hands is the best cultural practice for me!
  3. Mike-big loppers and gloves. If your doing canary island/medjool/Sylvester/ remove the thorns with felcos to get to the seeds.
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    That is what I was using diamond - thorns still poked through the gloves and got me consistently.
  5. Posted via Mobile DeviceDang.....I hate pygmys for that reason. They just aren't worth it.

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