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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by cdjohnson7, May 18, 2006.

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    Customer overwatered everything. Had to replace two Palms his statement was they need five gal. of water per day. Told him not to water so much and he did anyway. Now grass is in bad shape and outer bark on 4 more is mushy but they are still alive. Can I cut the outer ring off so the tree does not grow fungus between the dead and the still living layer? Yeah he stopped watering so much after his sod almost all died off.
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    What Genus of palm?
  3. cdjohnson7

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    Sorry about the wait Had work and no time. Not sure about the genus. I can tell you that it does not grow any fruit or nut that I have seen. I did not plant them nor do I know plants well (but working on it) as I have been in this about 18 months once again sorry
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    i am in morehead city, so we're neighbors...

    if it is a large tree sized palm it is a sable palm. He is absolutely correct about the water.
    we suggest 10gallons plus here in our sandy soils.

    more than likely the palms died due to poor handling when installed.
    if the sprout hits anything it will snap, and then the palm is as good as dead.
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    Gotcha on the water part (this creates issue as they are in flower beds which are moist as they are mulched) That much water I would assume kills most every other plant. I did not plant these trees so i cant tell you about the treatment. I can tell you that the outer bark is dead on 4 of them and one of them has just a couple of fronds left that have not turned brown. Thanks for the reply and help.
  6. cdjohnson7

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    I also forgot to mention that these have been in for approx 2 years

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