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    Does anyone have a good link or a supplier reference for the following type 12V light?


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  2. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    I dont know of a specific fixture designed for Palm Trees as described, however there are a number of MR16 based up/down fixtures on the market. finding one that uses a 1/2 NPT stem, like the Nightscaping Dualiter in Copper and then going to one of the following strap mounts will probably do the trick for you.

    Of course you will need to maintain the strap mounts on a fairly regular basis as the trees grow.
  3. Lite4

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    I have seen these types of lights used on some trees here near one of my jobs and I have to say it looked really strange and not attractive at all. Why can't you just light it from the bottom of the tree. If it's too tall, go to a line voltage product.
  4. The Lighting Geek

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    I use 35 or 50 watt depending on the height, and usually a 38 degree or narrower, also depending on the height. I typically use 4 fixtures per tree. These are of a demo I did a couple of years ago. It sold the job, which was 250 fixtures.

    Club Lincoln Demo 051.jpg

    Club Lincoln Demo 057.jpg
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    MEXANDME LawnSite Senior Member
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    My intentions were to light each Palm with 2 MR16 bullets with 35W bulbs. The trees are only visible from the street.

    However, the light I described above is "what the customer is insisting upon."

    Thanks for your replies!


  6. Pro-Scapes

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    You would be surprised how far up a 75w 12 degree spot will go. I do not think a dual lighter type fixture is going to come close to the pop you will get if you do this from the ground with the right lamps.

    I just got a load of 42w 9 degree MR16 lamps for an interior spec job. Man are these things intense

    Stop and ask yourself this. If you know its not right and its going to look bad why do it. Its your reputation that will end up underlit in the end
  7. JoeyD

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    Its hard to do but ask the homeowner how many lighting jobs they have done? Those up and down lights in the middle of the trunck always look funny to me. Nothing better than an uplit palm with a par36!

    The suggestions that James made are your best options. Let them know the maintaining of those lights ins a real PITA!
  8. Lite4

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    Your probably right on the 75 watters. I havn't seen photometric data on anything above some of the 50 watters. (of course I rarely ever need anything above a 35 watter)
  9. Alan B

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    I agree that up lighting is the way to go. However if you are looking for an up-down light I wanted to give you view of one our new products. Believe it or not, it was developed with the collaboration advice of some forum members from lawn site as to what was lacking in existing up-down sconces. We incorporated those suggestions to manufacture the fixture attached...

    Some of the reasons why someone may choose this sconce over others:
    -the glass lens was made with edges etched (thinner thickness glass around perimeter) so that the center would stick out from the top of the fixture by .5mm. This means no puddling of water on top lens.
    -the lens is completely sealed so no moisture can leak in.
    -body screws together tightly onto o-rings.
    -The extension arm is built to make the fixture mounted farther from the wall so light does not get blocked by aggregate surfaces, stones, headers. better coverage of wall.
    -the stem and overall construction thicker and more solid brass all around, with tighter seals at lens and body.
    -pre-greased dielectric grease, heat shrink tubing over internal connection, silicon sealed where lead wires leave fixture. 3.2 lbs of weight.
    -fixed sockets with heat reflectors.
    Comes standard with 25' spt-2 16AWG tinned copper lead wire. Rated to 35 w x 2 mr16.

    James no not UL/ULc listed yet. We will UL list our complete line once all our custom designed products are completed.

    Hope I don't get castrated for mentioning a new fixture or our custom design, but felt it was relevant to OP's specific question.



    sconce sm.jpg

    sconce apart sm.jpg
  10. Alan B

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    Male, from tampa, fl
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    BTW I just realize you were asking for an up-down bullet light not up down sconce. My post is not for a tree app (unless it was a VERY straight tree) since it can't be adjusted/angled.

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