Palmolive --> surfactant?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Green Sweep, Jul 25, 2002.

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    Having a real tough time killing wild violets, ground ivy & red woodsorrel. I know that the weather isnt helping. I heard a long time ago that dish detergent will act as a sticker. I've never tried this & wanted to know if A: it's effective & B: How much to add. Is there a certain rate in oz. per 1000? Thanks for the help

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    Although dish deterent can act as a surfactant it is not a sticker. Sticker/spreader is CHEAP. Just buy that and be done. The sticker helps product be rain tight in about an hour after application.

    Sticker/spreader usually runs about 2-4 pt/100 gallons of water or about a 1/2 oz/gal in small batches.
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    Sticker and surfactant are two different things I believe.
    Surfactant makes water wetter. Soap is surfactant it allows water to penetrate dirt better by reducing waters molecule size? Product will move more before drying on the target. Resulting in more effectiveness use of chemical. Sticker does just what it says. Makes product rain resistant. Many brands or perhaps all sticker products may also include this surfactant.

    Above information is basically right. There could be some holes for correction. If so please share so that we all can learn.

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