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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by burninbill, Nov 20, 2002.

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    I have a commercial account that just called last week and wants us to put out some pansies and freshen up the mulch. My problem is that I can't find any pansies that don't look sick as hell. Is it to late to plant them since we are into our third frost or will it be ok? I let them know that they are not going to look their best at this time of year but should perk up in early spring. Did I give them the correct info or not?

    Jon Walker
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    After reading the first two lines of your post I thought you were going to say that you did not have any pansies in your organization. LOL

    Seriously, I have read lots of posts on lots of message boards about widespread problems with growers producing pansies this year. I think it is pretty much nation wide. I don't recall if it is a disease or a pest, but you are not alone at not getting good ones.
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    Just bought and put out six nice and full flats Monday.
    I am in Louisville, Feel free to e-mail me or give me a call and I will tell you how to get them.

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    Hey Burn,

    I was doing some traveling today. I was in the Springfield KY area.

    There is a Nursery on Hwy 55 between Springfield and Lebanon. I can't recall the name, but I noticed a whole bunch of pansies in various color. I realize that this may be out of your range. It is about an hour out from Louisville.

    If the other place doesn't workout it maybe just the ticket. If the weather is good this weekend I plan to go back and get some for myself.
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    hello in louisville we usually plant the pansies in late september here in louisville an whats nice about them is that when winter hits the pansies usually lay down an when the spring temps start kicking in like march the pansies stand rite back up its very nice cause you have nice color in very early spring an it will remain nice until you get there for the spring cleanup an install new annuals . take care an give me a call sometime see ya george

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