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  1. unionlawns

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    whay is the quickest way via fertilizer and what type to perk up some weak pansies?liquid?or granular?and what type?
  2. Az Gardener

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    Liquid is always going to move up into the plant faster than granular. You should be able to pick up some water soluble fertilizer anywhere from box stores to nurseries to wholesale fertilizer companies. It will have a high middle # like 20-52-14 look for one with a lot of micro-nutrients.

    Wholesale it is usually about a buck per pound and usually in 20 lb bags and about 5 bucks per pound retail in 1lb containers Follow label directions and mix it up in a bucket and pour it on. Try and miss the leaves, if you do hit some wash it off. Do it every other week until you get your desired results. Then go to every 3-4 weeks. If it is cold put down some compost, the dark color will heat up the soil and help the plant to be a little more active growth wise.
  3. Kate Butler

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    I'd use an over the top product like MiracleGro - quick and easy and no worries about leaf or flower contact.

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