Pansy Feeding - What do you charge?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by DFW Area Landscaper, Jan 31, 2004.

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    I have been researching the schit out of pansies this week. I'm finally beginning to understand why they call whimpy people "pansies".

    In order to have pansies look good and know that they're going to look really good, nothing can go wrong. pH levels must be correct, soil quality must be very organic, of course they won't tolerate wet feet at all, nor will they tolerate drought. They're suceptible to many pests, too, especially aphids. They don't like ammoniacal nitrogen in the winter months. The U of G recommends liquid applications of 20-20-20 fertilizers. I'm figuring a bi-weekly application would be best. The pansies also need to be "dead headed" every other month.

    So, if you charge a customer $30 to $40 per flat to plant the pansies, you'd better hope they look good. Or have a maintenance program in place that the customer didn't order that you can throw in their face if they don't look good.

    So, how much can you charge for the liquid app program?

    I'm guessing about $5 to $10 per application, most of which would be drive time. A 3 gallon watering can can probably feed about 5 or 6 flats, I'd guess. I would figure it'll take one man about 3 minutes to fill the watering can from the customer's hydrant, assuming there's not a styrofoam freeze protector on it, and feed the pansies. Plus another 5 minutes of drive time. In the summer months, the seasonal color feedings could be done at the time the mowing service is done, so drive time wouldn't really matter.

    Anyone else have a program in place like this for people who want seasonal color? What are you charging? Do you charge less in the summer and more in the winter?

    DFW Area Landscaper
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    If this were a restaurant forum I would say we do not discriminate. We charge everyone the same :D

    I would let them know what is involved in their care and the charge to maintain and or replace them is extra. Use your hourly rate plus a site visit fee with a 1 hour minimum.
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    Some of my clients want weekly service. This includes fertilizing all annuals; pulling a weed here or there; inspecting all shrubs, lawn, flowers for pest damage; deadheading perennials and annuals as needed. I usually spend an hour or an hour and a half for this and I charge $45 - $65 per week.
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    What he need to properly cover your time/expenses. Don't be afraid to charge what you are worth.

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