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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fiveoboy01, Jun 6, 2007.

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    My partner(brother) owns his own construction business. He subs out to a well known contractor in the area. The parade of homes starts in my town this weekend.

    The sod was laid about 2-1/2 weeks ago and it had taken root very well, but of course had grown very long.

    I cut it twice, once at 4.5 inches then went to 3.5 inches. The general contractor asked me to cut it at 3, and I told him no way, that 3.5 was as low as I'd go for now, as we're already cutting off too much the way it is.

    A lot of the ground was very soft, we had to be very careful not to leave huge ruts. I took the sulky off the WBs and just walked for this one.

    It turned out nice, because of the taller cut height and no sulky, the stripes looked great, everything was trimmed flawlessly, I bagged it all, the property was fit for a king.

    But OMG, the 2 other houses on either side of this one:

    General contractor A(who I did work for last year, but he didn't call me back this year because he's very cheap), had his son's wife mow the yard with a push mower. They cut it at 2 inches. With a push mower. OMG, talk about looking scalped, brown and total ass. I basically laughed because of the extremely in-considerate way he blew me off last fall and this spring.

    General contractor B, had the company who landscaped 5 of the parade homes come in and do one house.

    He's running a(likely) 1200 pound Toro Z on the yard, which is extremely soft because of all the water. I had to laugh at how many times he stopped to "repair" torn up sod. Discharged everywhere, mowed every which way, clumps all over the place and it just looked horrible.

    I guess I don't know what the point of this rant is, except maybe that why can't these people see what the property looks like? Sheesh, this is the Parade of Homes, don't you want everything to look it's best? Thousands of people walk these places in the course of a week.

    Anyways, I'll have flyers and business cards on the table in the garage of this house, and I'm hoping that people walking through will see the difference. Perhaps I will get a few phone calls out of it. I'll be speaking with the homeowner tomorrow, and this is a 700K house, so I'm crossing my fingers that they will sign an agreement. I know it's not the quality of work, it's just a question if they want to pay to have it done every week. Here's to hoping:)

    Unfortunately I did not get any pictures. I wish I would have. I will definitely take some. This house is NICE looking and I'd like to have some pictures for use in future flyers.
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    By the sounds of it you did a bang up job. That's what frustrates me with grass cutting. The customer is fast to blame or criticize but very slow usually when it comes to compliments. It's a state of mind with most that goes like this. "Most anybody can mow and if it's nice it's just easy to mow, but if it's screwed or there is dead grass it must be the fault of the mowing boy"

    Most often it's a no win. There are the good customers, but overall most couldn't care less if they replaced you tomorrow.

    I try to do the least amount of lawncare for that reason, and if I mow, man do they pay through the nose... :laugh:
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    I'd agree.

    That's why I get steamed when people here say "anyone can cut grass".

    Yeah anyone can CUT grass, but in my area it's obvious that not anyone can cut grass and make it look good.

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