Parents really stink sometimes

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GTLC, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. GTLC

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    well i just got back in the house the other day after getting into an argument b/c my father seems to believe there is absolutely no difference between residential and commercial mowers and will not let me ditch my POS Timecutter. I had put my Toro Timecutter Z (which I STRONGLY recommend nobody who mows commercially to buy) in the newspaper in the classifieds, without mentioning it to parents. So i am not home when a guy calls about it and leaves a message on the answering machine. Dad comes home and listens to the messages and when I tried to explain why I was doing it (so I can get an Exmark w/b next season) he refuses to listen to any of my perspective and then asks me how mush extra i would be spending. I say $1000. he says no way and claims I have a car to pay for and can not get a real machine. He forget the fact that with the extra 10+ customers I will have next year, I would be able to earn that 1000 back in about a month. So I told him he will pay for every replacement part I will buy and I will charge him by the hour for all of the time I waste maintaining it. Is there any advice I can get from anybody to convince him?
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    if you're serious about lawncare, buy quality machines and equipment once.

    Don't invest in the mower if you're only doing this for summer work. but if you want to make a career out of it, buy the right tools for the job
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    Remind him who's business it is and tell him to come on to this site with any questions or doubts. Or tell him to look at other LCO in the area at their equipment.

    I believe it was "DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince" who said "Parents just don't understand"!!

    GOOD LUCK:dizzy:
  4. GTLC

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    Nope this is my full-time job. I just got my license and before I needed something I could tow my equipment with in a little 10 cubic foot lawn utility trailer. Now i am sick of it and when I get out of college this will be my career.
  5. GTLC

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    Yes i have tried to get him to talk to a LCO buddy of mine but he just refuses to. maybe I can get him to come on this site.
  6. GTLC

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    Oh yeah and I forgot to mention that I actually have the extra $1000 already saved up for the eXmark.
  7. GTLC

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    I would REALLY appreciate it if somebody could send an email to my father explaining why it is necessary to have quality equipment when mowing 30-40 hours/week and how residential equipment is too unreliable. Also any other perspective to say to him would help. His email is
  8. 65hoss

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    First off, respect for your parents will go a long way. Getting mad and throwing in his face "this is my business" will get you nowhere. That was bad advice from Q-team. You are 15 and he is responsible for whatever you do.

    How to handle this...
    1. Research on this site and others and make some print outs for him.
    2. Calmly explain why you want to sell one mower to get another.
    3. Respect his decision at this point. I wish my dad was still around to butt into my business.
    4. Apologize for doing it behind his back.
  9. lohr

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    Just a little advice go easy on him, I lost my Dad 6 weeks ago and I would do anything just to talk to him again.
  10. precisioncut

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    Have your dad get on Lawnsite and read all the posts. Maybe he will realize.

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