Parked 21" Toro, bought LawnBoy

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Roger, May 2, 2004.

  1. Roger

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    I made a tough decision this week, parked by good 21" Toro ProLine, 5.5hp Sizuki, and bought a LawnBoy commercial 21" with Dura-Force engine.

    I used a LB several years ago, but when a tranny failed two years ago, I made to make a quick decision, and bought the Toro. I really like the machine as a piece of equipment, the Sizuki runs so well. But, the wet, tall grass this Spring wore out my patience. Most of our hand mower work is bagging, and the Toro bagger was just horrible this Spring. The chute would clog often, requiring taking off the bag often, before it was full, to pull out the clippings. We have about 40 lawns per week to mow, each about 20-25K in size. Typically half of the work was done with a hand mower, the rest with my Exmark hydro 36" mower. Most workdays the Toro was used at least 6 hours, running through a full tank of fuel.

    I repaired the tranny in the old LB soon after the failure, and used it as a second hand mower, using it 5-6 times per week for small work. It has passed over at least 4,000 lawns, so has some pretty loose parts. I felt I couldn't use it daily as the "workhorse." The LB with the side bagger is very reliable, very difficult to get to clog. So, I bought the new LB, with great reluctance. It is not hardly the piece of equipment of the Toro, BUT IT DOES BAG VERY WELL!

    Many of the properties we now mow produce one bag per 1,000 sq ft, sometimes 800 sq ft, and even as low as 600 sq ft. The grass is green, wet, and heavy, and the Toro was not doing the job. The LB just plows through, stuffing grass in the bag (even though it is smaller than the Toro bag).

    Also, with so many bags (we took off 79 bags last Monday), the lightweight, easy to handle side bag of the LB is a great help. I always work with two bags, and with two from the old mower, we now have four. This give me much greater flexibility and is much more productive than a single bag on the Toro. We tried using two with the Toro, but the bags are too cumbersome and heavy.

    Don't suggest mulching ... the clippings are far too heavy and thick to consider mulching. Any mower would be bogged down and clogged up after the first 20 feet.

    Anybody else traded down to get more productivity? I hate having the good Toro sitting idle, but I also hated the wasted time, and effort, to make the Toro work.
  2. sharpcutter

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    I just picked up my new Lawn Boy 21" 5.5hp honda mulches, bags, or side discharges. $290 I have always liked the LB for the money. I use it for trim work or where my lazer wont fit. Its worth it I feel for what its used for.
  3. Fareway Lawncare

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    LB's w/side bag or discharge mode in spring...LB side baggers Kick Proline Butt in Wet Turf!
  4. The C Man

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    I've read SO much stuff on this site that I must be getting different info confused...... I thought I read that the Duraforce engine wasn't being made anymore and that whatever dealers had in stock was what's left??? Please clarify.
  5. Lbilawncare

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    So are we to understand that you are using 21's and a 36 to mow 1/2 acre lawns? I hope they pay well, that's a lot of walking and a lot of grass to haul off.
  6. joed

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    I just bought a 21" toro proline suzuki to go with my commercial lawnboy and I find the toro works way better in bagging mode. This week, as I was mowing through literally jungles of grass on some properties, the toro never skipped a beat while the lawnboy, even though it had been tuned up, bogged down sometimes. True, the toro bag is more cumbersome to empty but it holds more clippings than the lawnboy. On top of that, what I have done to speed up emptying the toro bag is to first empty it into a heavy duty plastic bag and then empty it into the paper yard waste bags. This seems to work well. The lawnboy bag empties easily but I still like the toro better. It is faster and that Suzuki engine is amazing.
  7. iluvbermuda

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    What about any Honda users. Anyone?? I'm about to get a new 21" and am having a very hard time deciding. Toro, Honda. I'd like to stay under around $900, but am finding it very hard. Help.:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
  8. iluvbermuda

    iluvbermuda LawnSite Member
    from S/E TN
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    LB would be good too I guess. Just have zero experience with them.
  9. Fareway Lawncare

    Fareway Lawncare LawnSite Silver Member
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    Joed, you're using the Rear Bag on the LB Yes?

    No Way the Proline Outperforms the LB w/side bag in Lush Turf!

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