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    Ok,,, I bought a Parker blower from one of thier warehousea in Sept to blow the leaves off a large parking lot (It was a demo model from last year). It has a 10hp briggs and blows out air in the 170mph range. It has been very helpful and I could not live without this machine. However, we had a problem last week. When I was working on the lower side of the lot, the blower had a fin rip lose from the housing fan. Wow,,,it could killed someone. I was lucky and it did not come out of the housing shoot. Under closer inspections, I discover that all the fins that make up the fan assy had small rips in the steel (about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch) The welds held up but the steel had ripped away from the center of the fan assy. Has anyone every had this problem? Parker should have made the fins out of a thicker guage steel. The fins in my unit are about an 1/8 inch thick,,,,should have been a about a 1/4 inch. If anybody owns a Parker-parking lot blower, you might be advised to pull the front cover off and inspect the fins for this structual problem. I cant imagine getting hit with a piece of steel at 170mph,,,, The outcome could be fatal to yourself or any other people close by. I Just wanted to give folks a heads up about this problem. I have contacted Parker, but I have heard back from them yet. I will let guys know what they got to say about this when I hear from them. In the meantime, check you parker blowers for damage around the shaft for metal fatigue,,,or rips in the steel fins. Later phil
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    No, sorry, never in 5 years has my 10hp Briggs blower by Billygoat done anything in the fin department, which is not to say it never breaks down, but it has polyurethane fins.
    That or some kinda hard plastic due to weight, and I believe preventive breakage issues.

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