Parker or Hydrogear 10cc pumps on current Standers?

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    Greetings, WMI.

    I am probably going to purchase a new large-frame fixed-deck Stander this fall, and I was wondering if you are currently putting the Parker-Ross or Hydrogear pumps on them.

    My dealer has 3 floor model Standers, about 1 year old, in the low 40,000 serial number range; the 36" Stander has Hydrogear 10A pumps, like my 2006 36", while the large frame 52" and 61" have Parker pumps (the serial numbers on the 3 units are within about 100 units).

    I heard from another lawnsite member that you might be going back to the Hydrogear pumps on the large frame Standers (ref:, which I would prefer (if, for no other reason, than for parts interchangeability with my existing mower). Are you changing back? And if so, after approximately what serial number (so I can be sure I get the correct model)? My dealer didn't know.

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    Good Morning Old Blue,

    I've forwarded your question to our Service Department who can better answer that for you. You should see their response later today.


    Jillian Jensen
    Sales & Marketing Administrator
    Wright Manufacturing, Inc.
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    The pumps themselves are interchangeable unless you have very old machines with the old style pumps. The part number for the pumps never even changed during all of this.

    The one thing that is different from the parker pumps to the hydrogear is the springs on the sides that they use to return to neutral
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    olde blue,

    We have discontinued using the Parker pumps on our large frame Standers. The changed occurred at s/n 45043.

    Best regards,
    Wright Service Dept.

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