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Parking a trailer in a 2-car garage


LawnSite Member
Kansas City
After I get my equipment, I'm going to need a trailer to haul it around in. I have a 2-car garage (and a city that won't allow trailers to be parked outside in residential areas). I know that I could rent a storage space, but I'd like to park my trailer in my garage each night. Does anyone out there do this, and if so, what size trailers can be reasonably parked in a typical 2-car garage?

LawnScapers of Dayton

LawnSite Silver Member
Dayton, OH
I park a 6'x10' in my garage quite a bit. I 6'x12' would also fit. My garage is approx. 24 feet deep...


Kelly's Landscaping

LawnSite Platinum Member
Milford CT
Grab a Tape Measure and find out how big your garage doors really are. 9 foot wide is bad but if you have 8 footers your be in for some real problems. Say you get a trailer that’s 6 foot wide inside now add on the tires and fenders and frame and that can be 8 feet or a little wider. See where this is going if you had a trailer that was 5-foot interior width you may still be over 7 feet wide and may only have 3-5 inches per side clearance, which isn’t a whole lot. And if you have to do part of your turn while being partly in the garage because the distance is very short that will just get a lot worse.

I’m building a 3 bay garage this spring/ summer were looking at 44x50 we want the doors to be 12 feet wide and 10 feet high I have used 10 foot wide doors before and found with the trucks I use I had less then 2 inches a side clearance on the mirrors. That’s find if you got a nice straight run but if you had to make a correction that was very difficult now add in bad weather like its dark out its raining all your outside mirrors are fogged you cant see out the back and your understand why I’m insisting on over sized doors.


LawnSite Member
Limerick, PA
I have a town house and i park my 5-10 in there with 2 52inch riders on it (made a little foot and half fold down ext.) plus a bunch of other crap but i make it all fit, if u are going 2 do this get ready 4 the SMELL my wife loves it lol;)


LawnSite Bronze Member
Raleigh, NC
When I had a trailer at home I used to be able to fit a 16x7 foot trailer in my garage with no problem. But, you really do need to measure it becuase all garages are different sizes.