Parking issues....again

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It gets even better when it's a narrow street and you have to pull a couple/few feet onto the edge of a lawn to leave sufficient room for vehicles to get through. Obviously you can't do that at the lawn you're mowing, so you have to pull onto a neighbor's lawn before, after or across the street. It's the norm in the beach areas near me and a common source of conflict with neighbors.
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It’s weird what people think they have the right to.
That’s the road in front of my house it’s mine!
No it’s not
People in the city seem to have a better grasp on this than people in the suburbs

most modern houses aren’t built to accommodate modern parking needs.
There’s more cars and they’re larger.
I can’t tell you how many places I see where there’s no way a customer could park in their own garage.
I can put my wrangler in my garage but not my tundra or f350

I have great parking , which is why I chose my house
But I also had an incredibly hard time finding a house and had to pay more to boot.

be that as it may
As a professional it’s best to find a solution that shake a fist at the man.

if your parking situations are like this
A big ole nasty trailer isn’t likely to be the right transport
Truck mounted bodies are more popular than ever and take up less room and box vans with ramps are a good idea too
Especially considering increased advertisement and secure storage potential without needing more building/shop to store your stuff.

ditch the trailer and the large riders and you’ll find your woes relieved

I ran mow crews out of a pick up with atv Ramps for nearly a decade.
You’re not getting a rider up there with any efficiency
But hydro walk behinds , 21s, 30s all fit great and the efficiency and mobility is just awesome

there’s a company at gie that sells body inserts for this that are genius


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I landed 23 yards on a cul-da-sac by selling the idea to allow me to exclusively service the entire street / cul-da-sac. I asked my loyal customers to go on Nextdoor and offer their neighbors (who are sick of the traffic/parking) to have me be their 'exclusive' lawn guy on the entire street. Ask them to drop their current lawn guy and hire us to manage all the mowing in the neighborhood.

This way they all get mowed on the same day, won't have mowing trucks in-and-out several times throughout the week, it'll just be us (me & my 2nd crew). And everyone gets a $5 mowing discount.

The entire street really loved the idea of having just a single mowing crew on the street once per week (at pretty much the same time every week - they know when to expect us).

People get sick of mowing trucks clogging up the streets every-single-day. Sell them on the idea of being the only guy and monopolize. Win-win for everyone (except for all the mowing guys they have to drop to hire us, unfortunately)
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