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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Husky05, Mar 9, 2007.

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    Hello all,

    I just recently landed a huge shopping center to maintain for this upcoming season. I got the contract for mowing, fertilizer, hedges, fall cleanup and weeding. The guy that gave me the contract is new to this place and is unhappy with alot of the contractors that do work or maintain the shopping center. Anyways, the other day this man calls me up and asks me if I would be willing to offer a different type of service for the shopping center. He proceeds to tell me that he has a company that comes in every morning -6 days a week, and cleans the parking lot with a truck, I am assuming like a street cleaner. His managment team and himself are very unhappy with thier service they are getting and wanted to know if I wanted to do it. I really didnt know what to say, I was like I really dont do that kind of work, and nohow to even go about getting a street cleaning truck?!? I am sure they cost well over 100,000 dollars. Is there any other attachment you can get that you can mount onto a dump truck or regular truck. I hate to tell this guy no, I cant do it and pass up on a good opportunity. Anyone have any ideas?
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    check out the ads in Pro or Turf magazine. they have ads in there about regular truck bed mount units, I'm sur they can't be that much. Have you considered subing it out?
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    Find out what they want cleaned.

    Is it just the trash picked up??

    Are they actually sweeping??

    If it's just the trash, I do that for a larger strip mall here.

    I have a garbage grabber you can pick up at Home Depot, and just run around on my ZTR picking up the garbage.

    It's surprising how quickly you can clean up a large parking lot. The size I'm talking about has an Office Max, large chain grocery store, and a Northern Tool and Equipment store, plus a subway, hair cut place, liquor store, tobacco store, travel agent and one other tenant, so we're not talking about a small 5 tenant strip mall with 30 parking spaces here.

    It would normally take about 1 hour, at the most, and that's even getting up the cigarette butts.

    Also, there's a vac that you can buy, from Billy Goat, which is self propelled. You just run it around at 5 mph and suck all the garbage up. Problem here is, that the bag will pick up all the sand as well, and it's a BEAR to empty into the dumpster if you're by yourself.

    There's a couple other options as well. Tenant makes a ride on sweeper, where I know of one that's for sale, about $9000. About the size of a small Zamboni.
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    I would start by asking what the problem is with the present company.In our area these companies have big fleets of trucks that run all night and they suck up and brush stuff as they move along. Any idea of the kind of money that they get?

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