Parking Lot Striping

Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by meicher806, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. meicher806

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    I have been running a lawn care/landscape business for several years now and several of our customers are asking about parking lot restriping. I have the equiptment to do it. I was just wondering what others were charging per liner foot. Thanks for the help
  2. DJ Contracting

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    These are last years prices hope they help
    1. Re-stripe $2.50 per line
    2. Hdicap $13.00 per sign
    3. .20 cents per linear foot

    New stripes
    1. $4.00 per line
    2. Handicap $15.00
    3. .40 cents per linear foot
  3. shepoutside

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    We price our work on the market conditions and our material / job costs.
    It makes no difference what anybody else charges if charging that would leave you broke. Because you may not have as good a deal on paint or be as fast or be paying more for insurance or have a new truck or whatever. Or it may be the opposite and you can operate less expensively and still make a good margin.

    Hope this helps, more then me telling you my rate. (.36 per L FT for restripes) :rolleyes:
  4. git-r-done

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    does anybody know where I can find some web links so that I can look into this business to buy equipment.
  5. shepoutside

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    You Have Mail!!
  6. Acswaupaca1

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    To start out would you guys recommend buying just aerosol or bulk paint and gas powered line striper unit?
  7. shepoutside

    shepoutside LawnSite Bronze Member
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    You want to go with a gas air, or air-less sprayers. The aerosol is to mush money, and won't last well. Check for used equipment, classified, auctions, etc, to get started.

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