Parking Lot Sweeper Driver/Helper NEEDED Mid TN

Discussion in 'Employment' started by wcoltharp, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. wcoltharp

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    The company I work for is currently looking for sweeper driver/helpers in the middle Tennessee area. This would obviously be a night time job with hours that vary We are adding more and more accounts and need the help asap! If you are interested in the job PM me and I can give you some more specific info.

    Does anyone use any other methods other then craigslist and word of mouth for night time jobs like these? I can't figure out a good way to target these potential drivers/helpers. Any information helps guys, thanks!!

    William Coltharp
    StoneGate Services, INC
  2. United Contracting Lawn

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    Give me a call when you can.
    Carl Hayes
    United Contracting Lawn Care

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