Parking lot sweeping question?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by AdvLandscapeLLC, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. AdvLandscapeLLC

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    When you guys sweep your parking lots with your skid steer and collection sweeper do you prefer the sand to be very dry or is it ok if it is still moist from a days previous rain?
  2. limaint

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    Slightly moist is cuts down on the dust.
  3. meets1

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    slightly moist but thats it. My cab is good for dust so thats not much of a problem but everything outside can get pretty dusty. What are you running for a sweeper and skid?
  4. AdvLandscapeLLC

    AdvLandscapeLLC LawnSite Senior Member
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    I had to rent both units since my old thomas won't like the sweeper. I'm renting a deere skid steer from hertz equip and I rented the sweeper from sunbelt i'll get the name off the sweeper tommorow. Any recommendations or tips when doing the sweeping. Its my first time using this kind attachment.:usflag:
  5. meets1

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    Keep it level - use float - don't fly in 2 speed cuz that bucket will hit everything any other bucket would. Also gotta watch your down pressure as you can tip the broom forward to much and there reducing wear on broom but if your renting you probably wont care as much. I seem to keep the bucket half full or else I find that the debris is constantly being thrown up in the bucket causing to much dust, cant see what your doing and its just recycling what you already picked up.

    Other to watch is make sure broom is rotating the correct way. I can go both ways I sometimes I so hit the wrong buttom on my controls.

    I am running bobcat sweeper and bobcat S650 machine. Be sure to overlap a bit as well.
  6. ioilyouin

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    Sweeping in reverse is a good idea if you have sensitive areas, it reduces the chance of gouging with the bucket.
  7. PTSolutions

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    just did some sweeping the other day. rented an erskine unit for $50 for the day. swept up the hoa we take care of and a larger mfg parking lot.

    i was surprised how little dust it created, we were mostly picking up gravel and whatnot from the melt of the piles. we blew off the grass and put everything into the street.

    the trick was finding the correct bucket pitch. i put the arms in float and then just played with the pitch to find the sweet spot.

    i was surprised at how well it did. just a really boring job, big money maker, but boring. get yourself a set of radio peltors if you dont have a radio in the cab.
  8. icex

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    Just curious but what is a good price to charge for sweeping? By the hour or job and how much?
  9. AdvLandscapeLLC

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    I priced it based on my hourly rate required for my business plus the rentals and estimated what the hours where gonna be for the job and actually ended up being right on the money which i'm shocked because it is my first lot sweeping job. thanks for the help guys.


  10. AdvLandscapeLLC

    AdvLandscapeLLC LawnSite Senior Member
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