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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by kandklandscape, Jul 5, 2007.

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    We have had alot of inquires about this service lately, does anyone know how to price this at all? we would have a bobcat 773 with a sweeper and a medium sized tennant 255.... well how much per hour would we charge?

    we would be doing malls, shopping centers etc.
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    i live in a smaaaaaaalll resort town, and have the only working parking lot sweeper.

    a few thoughts. the tenant will sweep a lot more and better then the skidsteer gizmo. the skidsteer gizmo is a PITA to use.
    It is not easy to do a good job with a tenant. big learning curve. dirty. at night. no competition cuz the work sucks.
    i bid the parking lots by value. I won't do ANYTHING for less then 150 bucks. if a business doesn't value a clean parking lot once a year for under 150 bucks, then i don't need them.
    buy a huge backpack blower. it will double your productivity. I have a redmax 8001, and wish there was a bigger one in the market but there isn't.

    if i'm not billing 200 an hour for 2 guys with a backpack blowr and a sweeper then i massively underbid. 300 an hour is the norm for spring clean ups.

    there are a LOT of repairs on the sweepers. I figure 30 an hour in repairs alone, not counting wages and fuel.

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