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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by PJH Landscaping, Mar 14, 2009.

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    Hello, I have some parking lots with mostly sand from the winter months. I as of now am blowing the sand into piles and then shoveling it into the truck. I know that there are sweepers and such, but I dont own one and they cost a lot of $$$$. Also thirteen of these propertys are Dunkin Donuts and the traffic during the day is rediculous. My only problem I have with doing them at night is that they are all near houses and there are noise ordinances. Let me know what you guys do and what I should do. Thanks
    -Patrick Haggett
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    we only do one right now and we leave our shop at 6 and get it done before 8 when they open. We work closest to the store and work our way outward to the furthest part of the parking lot where the cars are least likely to park. We only do a couple right now and do the same method you do. You can get small pickup brooms for skidsteers but I imagine they are pricey.
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    Anyone have any other ideas???:rolleyes:
  4. If you have a skid steere, have you ever thought of renting a sweeper attachment? Then if you can do that would you be able to woop them al out in one day? see what one are the busiest in the morning and hold off on that one untill later in the day. If there only a few residents around the lots maybe asked the homeowners if you would be okay to get in and out later in the night.
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    heres an idea..... find a sweeping co , and have them do it in the middle of the night ... or just suck it up and do it when your buisnesses see the least traffic ie> 5-9 Pm . Use a Wb Blower to speed the process up

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