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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnboy82, May 2, 2001.

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    for those of you who do commercial places, what is the best time to be there if you wanted to work 24/7? cause i have been doing work at a deli over the past couple of weeks and have noticed that the best time to blow off the lot is once it closes. however the place doesnt close until 8 pm weekdays and i believe 6 pm on sundays. so i have been usually there blowing at about 8:30 at night. i really dont mind much because we start late in the morning. however i was just thinking, i know that there are not many guys who want to work those long hours just to avoid scratching cars and what not. so i was thinking, i got the truck, i got the big blowers, would i be able to sell parking lot blowing to the big commercial guys. you know, start at lets say 8 pm doing small places and then work up to maybe 6 am at shopping malls and such. all you need is a truck, big blower, small blower, gas, broom, shovel. if i could get a couple of those it would be good right? and if they are being done lets say once a week or every other week there shouldnt be any large accumulations. let me know what you guys would do if somebody were to come to you with that proposal. if you get what i am saying. i work for a large local machine shop, they recommend me a lot, and they also have an immense client base. so any feedback would be appreciated.
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    I just wish the guy that is supposed to clean the parking lot WOULD CLEAN THE PARKING LOT!

    Go for it, nothing ventured nothing gained.

    A journey of a thousnad miles begins with the first step!
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    usually the larger parking lots would require a vacuum truck.
    mabe thats what u ment by truck.but most parking lot cleaners have a vac vehical of some sort.had my fill of that nasty work. also you better think protection of some sort,as the snakes crawl at night.
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    And you better think again about blowers. Are all lots to be cleaned totally isolated from any sleeping people? Homes? Apartments? Hotels/motels? Noise ordinances in many areas will not allow blowers at night.

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