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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by barcode148, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. barcode148

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    i have a client who has a parking spot that was placed on the edge of her driveway in her lawn. it is about 6.5' x 19', it is surrounded by railroad ties(nailed into the ground), engulfed by weeds, and has some gravel in it. She has asked me to remove the ties, clean the area up, and plant grass. what would be a reasonable price to charge.

    i was thinking 150 for everything.


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    Dern Your Cheap. Need A Job??? I Don't Know What You Try To Average Per Hour, But I Shoot For $35-50/hr Depending On What I Will Be Doing And If I Will Have Help. Take That Number, Multiply It Times How Long You Think It Will Take You And Add 10% For Error. That Should Be A Fair Idea. Oh, Don't Forget To Add Your Cost For Seed And Fertilizer To That Estimate.
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    Please explain to me how you can remove ties & gravel, haul it to a land fill or some place to dispose of it, install new decent soil, grade / rake, seed, cover, & starter fert for $150.

    I just don't understand how that is worth getting out of bed for.
  4. barcode148

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    obviously you guys think im out of my mind and i may be but i have never really done anything but mow so what would you price this job at.
  5. General Landscaping

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    SOUTHERNGREENSCAPES gave you all the answers you need.

    Just plug in your numbers and add expenses with some markup.

    Don't forget time and expense for disposal. Here; RR ties go to the "garbage hill" at the dump; so the disposal rate will probably be higher than landscape debris. Don't forget to take some grocery bags to tie onto your feet before getting out on the garbage pile, take 'em off before getting back in the truck. That smell will stick in floormats for a week.

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