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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by thelawnkid, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. thelawnkid

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    Right now I am wanting to put a bid on the parks and rec. mowing for next season in my city, and I have a couple questions on how to properly do this. There are quite a few parks, and I was wondering how to come up with a proper price for this. This is one job that I would really like to have, so I would like to know how to put a competitive bid on it. And my other question is does anybody here use wide area mowers, are they worth the extra money, or would I be better just buying several 72's. And which wide area mower is best. I can use all of the help i can get as to how I should set price. Thanks
  2. lawnmedic1

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    Start by getting copy of current contract. They are public record, even if they charge you a dollar a page to copy...Check for provisions that allow city to throw out any bid without reason. Most cities either keep who they want regardless of bid or low bid even if LCO does not meet bidding requirements.( City next to my shop ends up getting cheaper contract each year from new LCOs who end up not even bidding second year due to losing money...Chuck
  3. bayfish

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    I bid some parks this spring. I measured the acreage and amount of trim and came up with how much time it takes. Figure out the capability of your mower as far as acres per hour and how long the trim will take. Most of use try to make $40 - $50 per hour. They always take the cheapest bid though. No need to get it and lose money.
    The type of mower depends on how big these parks are. Usually, 72" mowers are enough. You can use them other places.
  4. thelawnkid

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    How will I be able to judge my expenses on these parks. There are quite a few of them and most of them are around 20 to 30 acres. And do you know where I should go to get a copy of the contract. Thanks for the help.
  5. steve122

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    Who controls the parks? City or County or Parks District? Find out and ask them.
  6. thelawnkid

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    The city controls the parks, and can anyone give me any ideas on how to give a competitive bid that I can still make money on. Thanks for the help
  7. NC Big Daddy

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    You're 17.....Grow up first learn how to run a business then think about government contracts. Ever hear the term walk before you run? Or in your case crawl before you walk.

    BALDEAGLE LawnSite Member
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    dido what NC BIG DADDY said, and from your profile-you've been in biz. for 7 yrs.---your 17...hmmm-----------i dont think pushing the bubble mower around mommy's front lawn = biz exp.---maybe thats just me though.

    several 20 - 30 acre parks??? i dont think you have any idea what your trying to get yourself into...
  9. thelawnkid

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    I am 18 now, and when I was ten I was doing about 8 a week. for the last 4 years or since I was 13 I have been mowing 40 hours or more per week. when I was 14 I bought a 36 inch exmark viking hydro, and when I was 15 I bought a 60 inch laser. Now I am doing 60 yards a week, and still using the 36, and I traded the 60 in for a 52 inch stander. I am getting kind of itchy to go out and get a large govt. contract. I am also a legitamate business now as well. I think that I can handle this contract if I can get it. I would just like some help on how I can give a proper bid on this kind of contract. I may be young, but that doesn't mean that I can't take on a large govt. contract.
  10. MMLawn

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    First of all you are going to HAVE to be at least 18 years old because until then you cannot sign any legally binding contract and as I worked for local government as a dept head for 20 years I can assure you they would laugh at you and still even may at 18. Then you will HAVE to be fully Commerically Insured and Bonded for at least $1M including any and all employees and equipment to even bid.

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