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    Lets see if I understand buy his equipment for full price on an installment plan with money you generate from your customers and your work. Then he gets 50% of your business. WTF?

    Go to a bank and get a loan and buy equipment if you need equipment that bad. Or if he wants to sell but "doesn't need the money", let him finance the deal, you pay in installments.
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    Forget the partnership and take his one and only account. You should at least be able to buy any additional equipment you need with profits from that account.
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    You don't need this guy or his equipment. He really brings nothing to the table. He may even be willing to let his equipment go cheap in a couple of months. Build your own business and let this guy do his own thing.:usflag:
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    The only ship to be on is an ownerSHIP. a partner ship will sink. there are at least 3 companys in my area that didnt make it on a partner ship, and one of the two gets shi*ed in the end only one partnership i know of working is the biggest lco in town. 3owners one owns the lawn maintence. one landscaping. and one irrigation. BUT someone is always selling there share usally about every 3-4 years

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