Part Lawn Care while in college full time.


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I am wondering how many yards can I cut in two mowing days using on a 21'' Self propelled lawn mower I will be going to class 4 days a week Monday-Thursday, my mowing days will be Friday and Saturday.


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I am going to try to get them close by.
It all depends on how big the yard is, how fast you can run the mower. Each yard you get, measure it out on Google earth and time yourself to do the entire job. Make notes so you can learn how fast you can realistically cut a yard of a given size.


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Haha my post got deleted. Moderator has no sence of humor. I can mow about one per hr but there is really no one answer to this question. I would suggest not to overbook yourself or you will create a lot of stress.


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That’s the best way to start

I’m always watching for deals on equipment when the new guys pull out

I was getting parts one day and a New guy was buying new “everything”, took a line of credit against his house. Salesmen like that need to learn a little humility.


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Yes I have Echo blower and trimmer that I am goin to use. I got to get my 21" mower fix.

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