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    I had my 36" Mini Fas in for, what turned out to be, a broken wire harness to the PTO but while i was at it I had them put new belts on. They were long overdue.

    Today, just shy of three hours since new belts, the belt suddenly went slack. Loose and not driving the left side blade well enough to cut and not cutting well at all. This happened abruptly. I heard a change in sound as I was moving along. Nothing notable to precede it really. Hit nothing or ran over nothing significant besides the normal small debris like less than a pencil thick sticks and normal depth grass. It had been cutting like a champ since I got it back.

    I looked under there and the deck belt was loose as could be. I could take the tensioner spring off easily. Not like it should be. But I choked it up to less than one chain link left and it still didn't take that much effort to put back on. So really I was not satisfied it was tight enough. And quickly discovered it wasn't when I tried to resume cutting. It was not leaving a line on the left anymore but quickly stunk of burning rubber so I shut it down. It was fairly obvious that the last chain link I had left to tighten it was not going to be near enough and this was supposed to be a new Belt! It had taken years for the original belt to get to this degree of stretch.

    I am at a loss. What happened to suddenly stretch out a belt like that? Is it the wrong belt and just wasn't symptomatic until now? The Dealer/Shop put the following part number on the work order but there is nothing on the belt that I can see to verify it is this number. And now the back of the belt is frayed to add insult to injury.

    793828 is the number he wrote down on the invoice. Is that the right belt for this Mini Fastrack with 36" deck?

    I plan to return it to them on Monday but wanted to know what I was talking about as far as the part number and make sure it was the right belt in the first place. The work was done at Dickson Tractor in Westminster SC.


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    The part # is correct.
    I would take a look and make sure a idler pulley didnt fail or something that would cause the belt to loosen up.


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