Part number Tecumseh CARB HM80


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Hi, just bought an old white snowblower 8HP with Tecumseh motor.

I need to find the part number before ordering a new carb because this one is leaking gaz.

My motor number and serial:




My carb have idle mixture screw and the main mixture screw under the bowl.

Let me know if you need more info or maybe a photo to get the part number to find my replacement part.

Thank you.:laugh:


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Is there a need for a new carb? Where is the carb leaking? Most likely you have a bad needle/seat or a float that is bad. Take the carb apart and clean thoroughly.

Unless the carb is terribly corroded, you should be able to rebuild with part #631021B(needle/seat/bowl gasket), a couple #632547 orings and a bowl nut gasket(don't know that number off the top of my head).

I think you will find the link typical of your carb:

On older stuff, a leak can develop due to a cracked inlet elbow where the fuel line fits to the carb. On occasion you will find a float that has either developed a hole or the solder seam has developed a leak. If the float takes on gas, it will sink in the bowl, failing to shut off fuel at the needle/seat.

As best I can tell, the carb part number is 631678.

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Hey ArenaLandscaping, You try'n to get on the payroll around here ? :laugh:

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Ditto Dutch.
Clean the carb and install a new needle, seat, and float
Carb repair 101. The older techumseh carb are basically
The same since they were built by Clinton back in the 60"s.
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Ive found today that my shutoff valve is leaking. Because i drain my carb after use and card have fuel in the bowl!

I will change this part its not s expensive. Maybe the gaz hose too.

Of course ill do a rebuild with the kit they sell its cheaper..

A new fuel bowl (mine is rusted at the bottom inside)
Carb rebuild kit
Shut off valve and 2 feet of gaz hose

thanks guys for your replys