Part numbers needed for a PG shureflo pump please

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    Hello fellas, tried to do a search and couldn't't find the information I was looking for.
    Could one of you please suggest a better pump than what PG is putting in their Ultras. What I have found so far is someone suggesting a 1.8 gpm Shureflo pump to replace the 1gpm. Once I get the part number and or the pump will I need to change the spray tips or should I leave them and adjust the dilutions of my applications?

    While we are at it one of the threads suggested replacing the battery with a gel battery. Once again part number or place to buy one.
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    My opinion. For the PG Ultra, may I suggest look for the Flo-jet pump. it is better. See Lesco. You can sometimes find them at TSC, Tractor Supply Company. About $88. 2 gal per min is about 10 dollars more. It uses 10 amps, about 10 percent more power than the 1 gal per min pump.

    For the battery--upgrade to a small motorcycle battery, about $20 at any battery shop, motorcycle shop, or shop like Batteries Plus. Build a bracket for the batt. Coat the terminals with silicone sealant to prevent damage to the metal terminals from the fertilizer. Or...use a garden tractor battery available at Home Depot for about $20. They are bigger--you need to make a bracket. Usully just over the tire on the right side.

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    Riggle, thanks for the reply, couple questions please,
    1) Regarding the Flo-jet pumps. Why are they better than the Shure-Flo pumps?
    2) Are they plug and play? What I mean is will it fit in the same space and mounting bracket or will I need some fabrication to make it work.
    3) Will I need to change the spray tips?
    4) Is the larger battery necessary to operate the pump? I have removed the voltage regulator do you think this will be an issue?
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    FLC - we finally get "complete coverage" from our PG Ultras 2 weeks ago. We installed a 3.0 gpm Shurflow pump (mounted it in the spot bottle staps), then we bolted in a 12 V motorcycle battery right behind it.

    Testing it on concrete = solid wet (no miss whatsoever). Now our Ultras kill even the hard-to-kill weeds.

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    Riggle and American Lawn how did the larger pump effect your coverage?

    Do you need to change the charging system or is it just advisable?

    Are you running the same tips?
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    My Lesco man is a good PG mechanic. As i recall he said the Flojet ( pumps last better than the Shureflo, and he claimed that Permagreen was now using them also. One gal per min. I don't have the numbers from mine at the moment. It bolted on in the same place--same bolts and hoses. I recall only a few problems with the wireing. I hooked up wireing with crimp-on connectors, coated them with hot glue and taped them double over.

    I think the stronger battery is needed, especially if you spray a lot, more so if you plan to use a bigger pump. After I installed another new spark plug--my electric start works--most of the time.

    You should probably reinstall the voltage regulator. It protects the battery from overcharging--keeps the hot wire down to about 13.5 volts.

    No need to change tips. I disagree slightly with American in DesMoines. Low volume still kills weeds fine, if you are applying the correct amount of weed killer per thousand.

    Remember there is a factory set pressure regulator on top of the tank--limiting pressure to about 10 pounds and sending the rest of the flow back to the tank.

    I just got back from Home Depot. The had a 25 gallon short boom sprayer on a tiny trailer for towing behind a lawn tractor. $319. It had a 1.4 gal per min Shureflo pump. It uses 7 amps of current. Not sure, but I think my 2.5 ampere hour motorcycle battery would run it for 21 minutes--under ideal conditions.

    Home Depot also had Interstate "Workaholic" lawn tractor batteries. Smallest ones were 19.95. The were marked Sp 18 and CCA of 180. I understand CCA as cold cranking amps. I am not sure what SP means--maybe it means Ampere-hours. The more powerful batteries were 39.95 and 49.95.
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    FLC - Seems the key for us was the 12 volt motorcycle battery? But we LOVE the 3 gpm shurflo pump too. Not sure which improvement was responsible for our results. We're running the red nozzles and still get nearly 26,000 sqare feet per 8 gallon tank. This now gives us complete coverage - even on small-leafed weeds.

    Nothing against RigglePLC, but I have tested the original Ultras and the Magnums -- both "spit" product - leaving missed areas the size of a pea or larger.
    Even our LESCO reps agree. So go from there. I'm just telling you what I know.

    By the way, we have cut back a little on the amount of herbicide too, plus we now have complete coverage (as suggested on the label).

    No more call backs anymore -- even on creeping Charlie! Seems we are now getting almost 100% kill on hard-to-kill weeds with one application with temps in the 60's! For the first time ever, we love our Permagreen units!!!
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    1. With the standard nozzles (grey) and the fact that the pressure regulator is plumbed in (on top of the tank), when you upgrade to a larger pump, Does it affect the volume you put out per 1000? Is it still 30-34 1000 feet per tank?

    2. You speak of better coverage, I am curious if it changes the rate. I have one of our PGs apart right now, and may consider running a larger pump. If the volume per 1000 is the same, I can still load from the same bulk tank (concentration) and compare the two machines side by side.

    Can someone answer the question does it affect your volume per 1000 and are you using different tips other than the grey nozzles?
  9. americanlawn

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    Don't know. All I know is what we did now works perfectly.
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    it will effect the amount you spray per k because you will be spraying more h2o, you just have to calibrate it after you put on the larger pump and nozzles. I went with a 2 gpm fimco pump and the grey nozzles, it has a good spray pattern but not total wet like American is getting. I didn't want to loose the benefit of low volume. I'm getting about 4k per gallon.

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