Part # screwup for Mini Z 19/52 PTO Clutch?

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by DiezNutz, Sep 22, 2010.

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    I have a 2006 Mini-Z 52", Kawi 19HP. Model# 927236, Serial# 06072xxx.
    Bought new in May '07, for use at our private residence.
    So it only has 207 hours on it, and the PTO clutch self-destructed (we'll get to that later... :angry:)

    It most definitely has the original Warner clutch, part# 5218-110, manufactured Jul '06. The pulley O.D. is 6-1/4" and the inner bore is 1-1/8" (to match the Kawi PTO shaft).

    The problem is, the Mini-Z parts manual calls out part# 601311. Best I can tell, this cross-references to Warner part# 5218-154, which is described as a 6-1/8" pulley and 1" shaft. This is definitely NOT what is on my mower.

    Warner 5218-110 (what's on my mower) cross-references to Hustler 781039. However, I'm told this is the *old* Warner clutch.

    So I don't know *what* is supposed to be in the Parts Manual, but I'm 99.9% that 601311 is NOT right, and I'm sure as h*ll not about to order one!

    PJ, can you clear this up at all? Would've emailed you directly, but thought that others might benefit from me sharing what I've run into.

    Thanks in advance,
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    The 601311 is the correct part # from Hustler, this is what your mower uses along with all of our commercial units.
    The 781039 is a old Ogura clutch we used prior to 2003, the 601311 is the replacement for it also.
    The Warner #'s you have are not familiar to me, to be safe and have the correct clutch you need to order Hustler part # 601311, as long as you have the stock engine on that mower it is the right #.

  3. DiezNutz

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    OK thanks PJ, and for your email also.
    I guess the cross-references could be wrong then.

    As for the clutch failure, it was not the actual clutch function, but the bearing in the bottom (stationary) part of the clutch assembly. It basically wiped out and seized up, causing the clutch assembly to twist itself in two (it came off in two halves). Prior to this it was making a "chirping" noise like a dry bearing might. I am very lucky that it did not ruin my PTO shaft!

    This isn't Hustler's fault it's Warner's, but what sucks is the 200 hours. If this unit were used commercially, this clutch would have failed in a matter of a few months and would have been warrantied, but as it is I'm out of warranty so it looks like I'll be the one eating it. I'm a stickler for maintenance but there isn't anything that could've been done or not done to prevent this. I just hope this is a freak occurrence with these clutches.

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