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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by steveair, Nov 25, 2001.

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    I've been doing more and more design work for a contractor in my area and was given a business proposition.

    The contractor is becoming increasingly busy, and no longer has the time to get to all the estimates/bids that he needs to. He also could use more help in the field for doing such things as laying out jobs, supervising installs, and dealing with homeowners who have questions during construction.

    Being his main designer, it would not be difficult for me to fill this role. I am basically at many of the jobs from start to finishe already and am familiar with his pricing schedule.

    My question is what kind of rates, or even salary would some of you guys consider for a a person in this role. I already charge him my design fee and also tack on hours spent for consulting when at the jobs. I wonder if he would be able to pay me, as an employee, the same rates. The one thing is that it will not be full time. Kind of part time, maybe 2 or 3 days a week and also later evenings.

    I am having trouble because I really do not want to work 'full time' for anyone anymore. I like being my 'own' entity and would like to keep it that way. However, it would be good security for a company just starting out.

    Does anyone out there have a part time estimator/designer, and if so, how do you handle them?

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    I have a guy who estimates and supervises the jobs he estimates. He knows my employee costs and overhead costs and I pay him what is left.

    For example:

    He bids a job at 7000, he knows this:

    His materials costs may be 1500
    My guys for 4 days @ 800 per day 3200
    tax 350

    total costs for this job to him: $5050

    He gets the rest.

    I am in a situation where I know my costs very well and what I need to recoup them. As long as my costs are covered he can have whatever else he can get. Of course, if my costs go up, I charge him more on a per day basis for the use of my guys etc.

    I have just begun to realize though that I must build in a desired profit into his costs as well. Therefore I would tell him that I also want 20% more per day onto the guys costs.

    Keep in mind that the 800 per day for the guys includes all overhead and direct costs as well as my salary. Also, this crew is not my only source of revenue therefore if he keeps them busy and I don't have to supervise........that is gravy.
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    You had me on the edge of my seats until the last couple of lines Tony!


    I was thinking why would this guy bother running a company if his foreman is making all the profit!! :confused:

    Like you said though man, I would definetly start putting a percentage of real profit in there besides your slary so that this crew produces income for your business also, not just you.
  4. SprinklerGuy

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    You know the value of this forum is priceless. I was thinking to myself while writing that previous post " self, why the hell don't you add some profit on top of the costs. Yes the costs include your very bloated salary, but you are in the business to make a profit right self? "

    You are so right, and it will be done on Monday at our next meeting. This place is great!
  5. Guido

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    I know exactly what you mean! Sometimes when your simplifing (sp) and explaining things here, you go into such detail and say...hey thats a good idea, why didn't I think of that......wait a minute, I did!

    Teaching is the best way to learn I think.
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    Tony- $25/hr ($200/day/man) doesn't sound like enough to me to pay people, equipment, overhead and your "bloated salary". What am I missing, what are you missing?
  7. SprinklerGuy

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    YOu missed the fact that it is only a 2 man crew.

    quote: My guys for 4 days @ 800 per day 3200

    That is 50 per man hour
  8. HBFOXJr

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    OK, cool. I had too many fours in the wrong places.

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