Part-time, fulltime, amateur, professional?


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All this scrub stuff got me thinking. There are many on this site that say they are part-time mowers, etc... If you have a business, a business name, pay sales tax, state and federal taxes, etc.. You are a business in every sense of the word! How many hours must you work to not be part-time? All of you guys or gals that say you are part-time are just using that word because you might work somewhere else. Stop it, you own and operate a lawn care business, landscaping business, etc... enough said, be proud of it!

Now if you are paid to climb ladders, you are then a professional ladder climber. If you are paid to apply bikini wax, then you are a professional bikini wax applicator. In all most all states you must hold a applicators license to apply pesticides if you are paid to do such, thus making you a professional applicator. Works for simple mowing jobs as well. If you are paid to mow a yard, you are a professional mower.

For those of you with employees that mow, you tell your customers that you are professionals and you would of course only hire people whom are such as well. Now you might see your employees as grunts, but you pay them to mow, therefore they are professional mowers.

Now, I have seen others on this site mention another business that they run as well. I too fit this category. I have another business that I own and operate. I am a professional in that business as well.

Unless they are your partner, investor, or maybe spouse, no one can tell you how much you must work at your business or businesses for it to be considered fulltime in that particular industry.

You may not be the biggest company on the block. You may not be the smallest. You might not be the oldest CEO or owner of a company, but you might not be the youngest either. But, you are a Professional Business in this industry. Welcome and Congratulations, Run it how you want not how your competitor wants you too!

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