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    Hi to all. I have been operating a part time lawn care and snow plowing business for about 10 years. I dont really care for the snow plowing side of it but it is a necessary evil for me. I do not advertise at all except for magnet signs on my truck in the spring and fall so people can call me for spring and fall services.

    I do my weekly cutting accounts after work which is only 6-10 weekly accounts per year most of them being residential and then some clean-ups and other odds and ends jobs. I keep busy this way.

    I have been using your run of the mill lawn tractors up until now as I have purchased a 2008 Toro 52" Z400. My main trailer is a 6' x 12' enclosed because it pulls easy and it secures all my stuff while I'm at my full time job because I pull it to work with me so I can just go cutting right away without going home.

    I changed my hours at work from 5 x 8 hours to 4 X 10 hours so that gives me Friday off so I would like to pick up 2 or 3 small commercial accounts for next summer ( I am in the twin cities south of the river. ) if anybody wants to give up some work.

    Well that is me in a nut shell.
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    Best of luck to you. My situation is very similar to yours (I am located in southern MN), but you have been in business for a bit longer. 3rd year in biz next season. This season, had 10-12 weekly mowing accounts with 2 of them being small commercial. Would like to double the weeklies for next season.

    You say that the snow plowing is a 'necessary' evil for you. I know where the mentality comes from, nearly everyone who asks about my green business also states "Oh, you must plow snow too" to which I reply NO I have absolutely no interest in doing that, beating up a truck and waiting for the snow to fall unpredictably. So, if you don't like it, maybe you can find an alternative to fill your winter hours? I also own a direct sales health and wellness business that I put on the front burner in the winter and provides some income during those months - plus it is fun and exciting to help folks lose weight and gain energy. Maybe you can find your niche:)

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