Part-Time Labscape Equipment Package

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by MBOY, Dec 27, 2012.

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    For Sale is Landscape Equipment for a small business. I work the business part-time in the summer and service 5 small accounts. The accounts are not included but I can make a strong refernce. I will not seperate any equipment until the Dixie Chopper is sold 1st sonce I will need the equipment to continue to run accounts if I can not sell the majpot pieces.

    The package includes:
    Dixie Chopper 2750 hp 50" 140 hours
    Scag 36" walk behind (belt-driven)
    Troy Built Push Mower
    Kawasaki Blower and Trimmer
    12v ATV sprayer 24 gallon and 35 gallon tank (35 gallon does not have pump)
    6x12 Homesteader patriot trailer
    BackPack Sprayers (2)








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    Where are you located? How much for the trailer?
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    How much for the scag
  5. MBOY

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    10,200 for everything....wont seperate othyerpieces until the Dixie is sold @5200
  6. MBOY

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    Louisville, KY

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