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    Most all of my customers are full service - not "just" mowing. I know when the grass will need mowing because: I know the properties, the soils, the different products that I use on the properties, the customer's likes and dislikes, the weather, and sometimes I HAVE been know to just "drive by" for a look see. I care about the job that I do. It is a reflection of my business and my name. Now, I have a question for you - and it's not meant to be mouthy right back either - just curious. Does your statement mean that you just "arrive" and mow - regardless of the lawns condition?
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    Part time can be very profitable if you don't "need" the money. I have 4 lawns that need to be done every week and the rest are when I feel like it. It's steady money that I use to pay down debt faster or to invest more. I like it this way becuase if something comes up then I'm not tied to it. Also, my customers don't expect me there the day after they call. The problem with Saturday only mowing is if the equipment breaks down. I like to get everything done during the week. One, I have the weekend off. Two, I can finish the extra work on the weekends if I want. Also if it rains or the mower breaks then I'm not screwed. I would go with the mow blow and go if I was you. Those customers are a dime a dozen and I haven't found many to be a problem. I think of it like this. A really good company will do a great job for 35 bucks. That's not what the mow blow and go is looking for. 30 bucks makes their lawn look good without doing the extra frills which take the extra time. It's not considered lowballing because it's a different service and a different market. In out and you are both happy. I make a great extra income like this with little work. Good luck with the Saturdays.
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    Inline. I currently mow after my full time job on Friday, and try to do the rest on Saturday, although I usually wind up doing one or two on Sunday because I got up late and took my sweet time on Saturday. I do 11 lawns and can easily handle another 4 or so, if I only wanted to work Friday and Saturday. Throw Sunday into the mix, and I would say another 4 on top of that, just to keep from overloading provided we do get hit by weather. My customers understand that I will be out on the weekend, and if it rains, they can expect me on the next available day when it isn't raining. My situation may not be typical though. I only mow in my subdivision, so I don't have to waste any time driving all over town to achieve those numbers. Also, should the need arise, I usually still have the flexibility to take a full day off of my full time job and just devote a weekday to mowing should I need to catch up, although I haven't had to once. Most of the lots in my subdivision are a little less than a half acre average.

    It isn't that hard at all. Just keep yourself and your gear as clean as possible, always take a few minutes to talk to your customers, thank them for their business, and ask them if you missed anything. If you take pride in your work, you won't miss anything, and all they will say is how great the lawn looks, and ask if you can do an estimate for their friend that lives up the street.

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