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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by lawncareunlimitedllc, Oct 24, 2012.

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    Hey, I have been running a part time (legal) lawn care business for three years and am thinking about jumping full time at the beginning of next mowing season. Since I am solo and plan to stay that way for the next year or two at least I was wondering how many accounts some of you other solo guys have. I know size and time vary from account to account, but I just want some numbers to look at. I am talking weekly mowing, fertilizing, weed control, spring/fall cleanups. I would appreciate any input as I try to determine how many accounts I need to set my goal at in order to even be realistic about making this jump. Thanks in advanced for your input!

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    50 weekly accounts, just maintenance (mowing) in 4 days. They are 1/4 acre lots and I use a 54' Lesco. 50 is not hard to do at the size of my properties...
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    I have 48 weekly accounts and I work fulltime at night. If I didn't have 8 locations where I can knock out 2 yards or even 3 yards at a time without moving my truck I wouldn't be able to achieve that many. It's not so much as how many yards you have its how much you gross/profit from what you have. Some people might have 20 accounts with several acres to each one that could make as much as the guy with 100 postage stamp yards.
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    One guy can do 10 (5k sq ft to 10 k sq ft properties) in one 8 to 10 hour day. If you are averaging $35 to $40 per mow you should be able to gross $350 to $400 per day. Your profit should be high since you are solo probably 60%. So you will make $210 to $240 per day after you pay your debt. It could be higher if you have many yards in the same area which will cut down on fuel costs. I would advise growing your business by concentrating your energy on areas of you city where higher income family lives. This can be done by studying the demographics of your area and passing out door hangers to only those customers. Also, on the door hangers put your website address and offer instant online quotes. This can be achieved through

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