Part-time to Full-time transition

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JimsLocalLawn, Dec 23, 2013.

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    Not knowing what kind of job, benefits, security, pay, to say yes the best thing I could ever say concerning that job is nothing.

    However, if you are not making enough money to support yourself then you do not leave your job.

    Though what you can do is get a PT evening job when you want to make the transition when you go full time landscaping.
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    I was part time for 3 years. Been full time for 3 years. Wish I made the jump sooner, but was reluctant to leave a good paying job and benefits. If I can stress one thing, is KNOW YOUR NUMBERS. I think too many people jump in saying I make 40k at my current job, I can gross 40k mowing. I just need to pay for fuel out of that 40k...
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    I started part time lasted a couple of seasons
    made the jump to full time for 3 years had a full schedule
    got a killer offer for a full time job doing what i used to do
    went back to part time and dropped most of my customers
    I kept the high value customers
    No regrets going full time just to good of an offer to pass on
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    I'm a part timer and have to lower my prices to match what the big companies are charging. Sweeping Unsupported Generalizations are inflammatory, jingoistic, and have no value of any kind. What you say might be true in your area, but you don't identify it. My area is Southeastern New Hampshire.
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    Well I am currently part time, and too noticed the big outfits around here are almost always lower on price than myself, but not by much. Not all part timers are low ballers. I won't price match because I know my cost of operation and desired salary, but most of all I won't cut corners like some of these outfits for lower price.


    I am going full time this year. Told my boss I was handing in my notice and he doesn't want me to leave. He said he would allow me to come back in the "off season" and work my full time schedule if I worked for him one day a week through the season, that day being Sunday. I don't make much money at my full time job but everybody is like family (small family company). I really didn't want to work 7 days a week but don't want to pass up the opportunity either. We only have a 7 month season here and it's nice not to worry about winter income. I also have the flexibility to work other days during the week if things slow down or the weather isn't in my favor. I feel this is a nice transition for me as I don't have enough customers currently to justify walking away all together. I am fortunate to have a boss who treats me like a son and looks after me. I will admit I have been working 7 days a week for the past few years and it's been wearing me down...but I am hoping that this will be the last year for that. My co-workers all want to see me succeed and are willing to rework their schedule so that I am able to.

    I feel this is a blessing and although I am scared of the transition...I'm finally (mentally) ready to take the leap. I plan on investing heavily into advertising this year and already saved enough to pay for my living expenses for the year. This business has it's peaks and valleys, but my concern isn't getting enough clients to fill my 2014's that I am able to service all of the new clients I gain this year.
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    Very inspiring, I hope everything works in your favor.
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    Good luck. It has to be a good feeling to work with people like that.
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    I am PT and I am going in to my 2nd year.

    I work FT as a Jet Engine Mechanic for a company that pays well, has great benefits, pension, matching 401k etc etc

    My goal is to get a good customer base going then hire a top notch crew to run the operation while I am at work. I only work 4 days a week 0530-1600 M-Th.

    That will be years down the road though...
  9. 32vld

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    When you are solo or with a helper there is no reason to match prices with the big companies.

    They are getting you and personalized service. Your customers do not get blocked from office underlings when they want to talk to the owner. They do not get a crew of employees every week that will not care about the quality of service that you will provide.

    Your customers get custom service not cookie cutter service.
  10. S&S Lawn ServiceLLC

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    I understand where Jim is coming from.I myself am currenty mowing on a part time deal.In 2013 i put my 2 week notice in to my bosses,they also did not want me to leave and offered to let me work half days 4 days a week b/c Fridays were our busy day(I'm in the body shop biz as an estimator).I accepted their offer with smiles,they really showed me how important i was to them.The end of 2013 i picked up a couple more accounts and over the down time months have been asked to put some bids in for work this year.
    With that being said....March 27 is my last day at the body shop,which i will truly miss,but i invested all this money in my business and can't turn back now.I am soo excited to go full time mowing and taking the time to talk my work up and eventually hire on some help other than my wife.
    I have been in the industry now going on 3 1/2 yrs with 3 being legit with liscense and insurance and tax crap(lol).:hammerhead:
    Good luck to everyone and have a fantabulous 2014!!:drinkup:

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