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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by m1i2k9e, May 25, 2006.

  1. m1i2k9e

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    Hey guys, my friend and I have been doing this part time for several years now, and I was just wondering what was the hardest part in taking the plunge to full time. We currently have 30 accounts, a 61" and 48" bobcat, Huskey trimmer and blower, 90 Silverado, and an 89 Chevy dump. Any suggestions on what should be done and how to go about taking this big step would be appreciated.
  2. MMLawn

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    Get about 70 more accts BEFORE you go fullime, esp if there are 2 of you cause you will starve to death and lose your azz's with just 30 accts (if they are all residential) even while you are trying to build business, and remember this late in the season most folks, except the price shoppers and the PITA's already have their guy for the year. No way 30 "normal" accts will support you.
  3. carcrz

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    I agree. You really need to have double that in accounts to survive w/ two of you. You may be able to survive by pushing lawn renovations really hard this fall, but going into summer will be tough.
  4. Quail Creek LC

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    First off you and your buddy need to part ways. In the long run it probably wont work out. Next you need to get as many accounts as you can possibly do while doing your other job. Save up some cash and pay off all your bills. find yourself a sugar mama to fall back on if all fails:) ..
    Last year I finally took the plunge from a 13 year long job and doing my lawncare 12 of those years as well. I paid off all my debt, house, business, cars, trucks, boat and bought some other toys as well. When I finally pulled the plug on my full time job last year, I had nothing to worry about as far as bills were concerned. I had money in the bank, the wife makes good money and has the benefits. I took it easy last year only working an average of 3 days a week and I came out fine. Now this year I kicked things up a bit and I'm working alot more. Now my next step will be to add an employee and try and double my business in the next year or so. This is what worries me more than anything. Taking someone on and getting quality work out of them.
    If you want to make the move, pay off your debts first, that will ease things up for you a lot. If you dont have all that great of a job, then it may be easier for you to take the leap. I was making $20+ an hour plus benifits. Its hard giving up a good job after all those years, but I'm a much happier man now:)
  5. justgreen

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    ...just wanted to keep track of this thread
  6. murray83

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    honestly,the way things are going in lawn care just stay part time get 50-60 accounts and keep the other job. customers come and go and it would be a disaster if you quit that job and next year all those accounts left you without an income :(.
  7. DLS1

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    Anyone going fulltime must be crazy. The Illegal Invasion soon to be made legal if the Senate has its way will kill this industry. The House is the group will save us from the Invasion and build a wall.
  8. desert rose gardening

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    If you live in New York you can't work full time, you have Winter. How many months off a year is that?

    CWRSNY LawnSite Member
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    Usually end of October till March you are off with no other income, Unless you do plowing snow or fall clean-Ups, Which in New York this year I think we needed plowing maybe 4 times ...sound about right ???
  10. m1i2k9e

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    Yep, all of this makes perfect sense and all of a sudden I'm not too keen on going full time. My other job is college btw, so I really don't have any bills to pay at all actually. This is the reason why we figured if we were to give it a shot, now would be the time. I do realize how late in the season it is and for that reason would probably just want to build up as much as we can for this year and then hit next year running. All the advise is greatly appreciated.

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