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Well, it all started about 4 seasons ago.
My wife and I walked in from work one day and got tired of looking at each other when it was still daylight. We both love being outdoors, so we thought about ways to make extra money. Her great idea was, "YOU go outside and mow the yard" and the rest is history.

We started out with a Murray push mower, a Ryobi weedeater, a Weedeater brand handheld blower, a push edger, and a small Murray riding lawn mower - all carried on a 5 x 7 trailer.

Wow- things have grown. I have to admit, she is the people person, she makes most of the contact with the customers (which I have found out to be very beneficial). Over the years we have accumulated more customers (28 residential and 2 commercial), which in turn has lead to aquiring more equipment and 2 part-time employees.

To keep up with my full-time job and take care of all the customers on a weekly basis, we felt it necessary to invest in equipment that would be reliable and profitable. We now have a 16' tandem customized trailer, a 61" Scag Turf Tiger, a 48" SWZU walk-behind, and a 33" TroyBilt (serves it purpose). For the detail work we have 2 Echo SRM 2601 weedeaters, 2 Echo PE-260 stick edgers, 1 Echo HCA-260 and 1 HCA-210 hedgers, 2 Echo PB-650 and 1 PB-60 HT and 1 Echo hand-held blowers, 1 Echo PPT-260 pole pruner, 1 Stihl Farmboss chainsaw and various hand tools, sprayers and spreaders.

Needless to say, living in South Texas, we stay quite busy during the peak season and do quite well during the Winter months with the trees and the leaf removals.

My advice to anyone is to invest in good equipment- it pays off in the long run (and reliable workers)! Be professional in every aspect of the job. Be courteous with your customers and take every detail in to account (including you appearance as well as your employees).

The grass is growing, I gotta go!