part timers, how is your truck insurance listed

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Smitty58, Nov 22, 2005.

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    I'm a part time lawn and snowplow operation. In checking with my ins. about plowing I've opened a can of worms. Now my agent is telling me the underwriter wants to change my policy to a business policy instead of a personal policy. Now my question is how much is this going to cost me? The other thing I'm thinking is would it be better to have my truck listed under my business name? Anyone have a similar experience?
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    Remember ...this is a tax deductible expense ..... I have all my vehicles owned by the company .... this includes all expenses from repairs to fuel & as a officer of the company am able to drive a "company" car .... thus I haven't made a truck payment, fuel or repair payment in almost 9 years

    For me .... with Allstate in FL this is bout $1600 per year with $1M liability ... I'm sure with plowing it's gonna be more .... but look at it this way .... if anything HAD happen you more than likely would NOT have been covered with your personnel package
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    If you drive it for work I would get business ins on it.. I have been told that if you get a wreck while working then your personal ins won't cover you... It may be a little more exp but it will save you in the long run... Also get the most ins you can.. there are lots of people that would love to be hit by you and sue.... I have all my stuff ins even my trailers... you never know what may happen... Good luck
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    I just got quotes for both landscaping as well as business commercial(truck for plowing) and GL general liability so you are covered for putting someones eye out with trimmer or slips+falls after you leave job site when plowing.My agent got me a good deal $1905.00 for both full year.Shop around there are price differences make sure you crank up liability to 1million if you can afford this .Hope this helps.Dave.

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