Parterships do not work.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by David Hartzog, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. David Hartzog

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    I want to write about my partnership night mare but this guy is a bully and he lost his job of 23 years at alabama power and is now suing the power company for racial discrimination.
    i'll write about it if 25 people ask that i write about it since i have damming proof of this guys attempt to ruin may lawn care.
    so again if 25 post ask i'll start as so as possible.
    i have been wanting so write this story of why in my mind, parterships don't work............
  2. KS_Grasscutter

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    #1 here...
  3. robbo521

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    #25 here...
  4. carcrz

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    I'd read it.
  5. lawnboy858

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    same here, #4
  6. fool32696

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    i'll read #5 here
  7. Quiky One

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  8. gavin478

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    I love hearing these stories. Only cuz it amuses me and I can relate with my failed partnership as well. (BTW we're going to court in a few months, im excited)
  9. Liquidfast

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    No offense.....I see u are a long time member (guest) but c'mon. Seriously, you are on a public the Commercial Lawn Mowing section asking for 25 people to post yes to your opinion as to why partnerships don't work.

    People (like yourself) should STOP basing their personal experiences and posting them as gospel. Your title should read "MY PARTNERSHIP DIDNT WORK" not, "Partnerships don't work". Partnerships are like SCAGS....they can be the best but some suc

    OMG....everyone here knows full well partnerships can suck. Is this an inflated ego thing that we should anticipate your post? That is almost as ridiculous as the bikinilawncare to church goers.

    If 25 people PM me, I'll explain how partnerships DO NOT WORK but then CAN work if you work at it.
  10. swingset

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    Partnerships are just marriages. If you choose a poor partner, it doesn't work. If your partnership fails, you choose the wrong guy.

    My brother has a 20+ year partnership business that has always thrived. They can work, if you have two people who have the same goals and respect each other. Sounds like your partner was a turd, but you picked him.

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