Particle Sizes?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by SystemXpert, Sep 24, 2004.

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    I've got some questions.

    I've noticed Lesco has many products available in what they call the "Elite Particle" and the "Mini Particle". Until now I;ve always bought everything in the "Standard Particle" size. After reading about how important it is to have uniform coverage what affect does the particle size have ?

    What is the difference between the Standard, Mini, and Elite particle sizes Lesco offers?


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    Elite particles are primarily used on golf course greens where anything larger could cause problems with putted balls. Mini prills are larger than elite but smaller than standard and are advantageous when combined with a control product such as a pre-emergent herbicide, giving more prills per square foot and potentially better distribution of the control product. For most other purposes, standard prill sizes are fine and will cost less than either of the smaller sizes.
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    Elite = SGN 100-120
    Mini = SGN 150-180
    Standard = 210-240

    The lower Size Guide Numbers (Elite) are for Green & Tees where the mower might pick up or shatter the prill. This can cause erratic fertilizer release &/or damage the mower real.

    The Mini sizes are cheaper than Elite & are usually used on fairways where the greater area treated requires the economy but reels are still used for mowing below about an inch.

    Standard is for everything else cut above an inch at rates over .4 lbs of N.

    When applying very low rates the smaller sizes can come in useful on any height of cut. This avoids "speckling" of the turf by avoiding too few particles per square foot.

    Some fertilizer/pesticide combinations also benefit from higher particle counts per square foot, especially herbicides & fungicides.

    Some turf managers have a preference for a given size regardless of performance. I've had customers use Standard ferts on turf under an inch just because they can see it better going down.

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