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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Lanelle, Sep 2, 2001.

  1. Lanelle

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    I'm planning on purchasing a Partner 650 saw for paver work soon. Now I'm trying to determine the correct saw blade(s) to buy. I have noticed that even within one manufacturer's catelog, there will be a wide variation in the prices for diamond blades. Besides the correct bond, what am I looking for? Please refer to brand names as needed.
  2. Stonehenge

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    from Midwest
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    For my 12" K650 Partner I run the Partner ELD41 blade. Using their chart it seems it'd be the best for what we use it for - cutting concrete pavers 85% of the time, and clay pavers the rest of the time.

    The saw is 2 years old, and I just put the second replacement blade on it a few weeks ago - I have no idea how many thousands of cuts each blade has given us thus far, cutting in the perimeter of many patios over these 2 years.

    The blade cost me about $350.
  3. Guido

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    On Partner's site , , They have a pretty good chart that shows applications for specific blades. That should help you out and narrow down your selection.

    Good Luck!
  4. paul

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    Lesson #1

    Know what your cutting!

    All bricks are not made of the same material! The above map shows what aggregate your bricks are made of. This is important because it affects the bond material. The harder the bond the more abrasive the aggregate. Use softer bonds for less abrasive stones.
  5. paul

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    Lesson # 2

    How much are you going to use your blade?
    If you cut every day you should be buying the best blade you can that means it should have a usable diamond depth of .300 or more! If you use your blade a few time a year then buy a cheaper one, a general purpose blademight be best for you.

    Fast cutting, droping down one bond in a blade will give you faster cutting at a cost of shorter blade life.
  6. Lanelle

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    Wow, what a cool map. I never knew that products varied so much by geography. Is this for concrete pavers only? Or do clay pavers vary also?
  7. paul

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    The map is for concrete pavers Lanelle.

    More to come on this guys and gals
  8. Stonehenge

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    That is a cool map!!

    Where is it from?
  9. diginahole

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    WOW stonehenge, thats a long lasting blade, do you cut wet or dry. I use about 4 blades a year (14" x .250 x .375 premium +/- $400 cdn) cutting dry. I have always been partial to Target blades, but I just may have to try a Partner.
  10. SCL

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    Just my 2 bits here. I have an MK 10" wet saw and when I purchased I got an extra 10" Longer GP blade. The MK lasted OK and was a paver blade. The GP blade lasted for what seemed like forever. When it got thin I went to order another blade and my tool rep talked me into a paver specific premium blade that cost $30 more than the GP. Wore it out in half the time. Ordered two GP blades(Longer) and am still on the first one after two multi cut jobs. They just seem to last longer. Sometimes experience helps you decide.

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