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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by steveair, Jun 10, 2000.

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    Hello,<p>Just about to order a new partner K950 from<p>One concern I have though. <p>From others advice (thanks everyone:) I decided on the K950, but not sure whether to just get the 12&quot; or the 16&quot; model. The price differece is only 20 dollars between the two, so it seems silly to not just get the 16&quot; and have more flexibility.<p>My two concerns are this.<p>One, is weight. The 16&quot; weighs about 3 pounds more than the 12, so will it get tiring to use this saw all day, bending over cutting pavers (by the way, I'm gonna try cutting in my walks this way now, again, thanks for the help) I've used Ts400 stihls before, which weigh in around 20lbs, and didn't have much of a problem with those, but the partners are a bit bigger.<p>Second, is with the blade. I want to run a 12&quot; on the 16&quot;. Will this hurt the saw at all? <p>I figure I will use only 12&quot; blades for the pavers, and then use the 16&quot; for the block. Because of the 100 dollar difference in the two blades, I will only use the 16&quot; to cut wall block and nothing else, as it will be more economical to use the 12&quot;. <p>Any more input greatly appreciated, as always. <p>Thanks<br>steveair<br>
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    Congratulations!<p>You'll be happy with your Partner. As for getting tired with a heavier saw, cutting all day - you won't get tired, because now you WON'T be cutting all day :) .<p>As for the 12&quot; blade vs 16&quot; hurting the saw - it won't hurt the saw at all, just make sure the blades you buy can handle the RPMs the 950 generates. If you buy Partner blades, you'll be all set. If you're buying 1 saw, I'd go with the 16&quot; saw and just swap blades back and forth.<p>Happy cutting!

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